Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homeless in Florida

Molesting an ashtray? Preparing to panhandle? The chow lines are everywhere but when you think about it, are the lines getting smaller or longer?

In the beginning, occupy was simply trying to point out the many problems. The problems continue to grow with no end in site. Why are things like Molesting an ashtray & Preparing to panhandle still occurring? One of the resins is simple. The people that are getting these kinds of citations don't know that this is bull shit of the deepest level. Things like that are simply to make money for the city governments like Jacksonville FL where a cop gave someone a ticket for looking for cigarette buts rather then begging for money or smokes. In Gainesville FL, I met a young guy that got a ticket for Preparing to panhandle. The question many people asked is "how can you prepare to panhandle?" I was unable to find documents to these two items so it can't be verified except for the street sources.

The number of places and groups of people that serve food to homeless people is simply incredible. People that take a can of soup out of there pantry and go into the streets just to give it to someone, are outstanding.

The places that are paid to help people in need? Wow is that a can of worms. OK, lets open it, LOL.

After a bus trip including being stopped by police looking for someone that stole some jewelry here comes Jacksonville FL. The home to a place called Sulzbacher Center. Like all of the others, you must check in at 4pm or so. Then once in the shelter for the night, you can not leave the grounds. If your not there and you are a resident, you are no longer a resident and it doesn't matter if you have a job or not. I saw an 87 year old US Army veteran man get put out because his bus from his job to the shelter was late. It is true that they do have limited space but isn't this getting out of control? They serve bad food and many people have claimed to have gotten food poisoning from the kitchen there.

Moving on the St Augustine FL we find the homeless shelter ran by an ex-cop of all things. A cop that rumor had as being under investigation of fraud. A cop that doesn't believe we the people has the right to free speech so you can not where shirts that say Harley Fucken Davidson, the only t-shirt I was able to get in the 3 months of Jacksonville. On the other hand, the churches set up a parking lot, with a shed, tables and chairs to serve some fantastic meals to homeless people.

Gainesville FL has to be the coolest Florida Occupies around. Many times, they have stood up for homeless people by sleeping in the park with them. The Occupy Gainesville 2.0 turned out to be a great night in support of the homeless people that stay in the Bo Diddly Plaza, a must see video where the cops get so frustrated they walked away. The following weekend was a trip to Jacksonville and the occupies there.

They hope to open a new shelter soon. The plan is to have everything from hot & cold water to health and mental help. This article gives you a tour but my concern is that Gainesville will make it illegal to be homeless like so many other cities such as Tampa, FL has done.

Tampa has an interesting setup at Trinity Cafe. They serve about 200-300 people a day for lunch. After standing in line from 5:30 am to 11:30, you get to be the first in the door and settled at a table with a volunteer and they serve you a meal. The problem is waiting in line all that time. They have a lot of people every day. Of course a visit to the Salvation Army will just get the response of "We don't do that here" if you ask about coffee at 4:00 AM or anything else for that matter.

Two things that have come up many times since I arrived in Jacksonville back in February. The people that get paid to help are the most disrespectful to homeless people & far to many people like to be fed. My new line is "You have to feed the animals before you can serve the people.

I can't close out this blog without telling you about my one man protest in Gainesville. I have been traveling for about 2 years now. Before starting this adventure, my ID and other papers where lost so I have been a non-person all this time. All the cities I visited, I found out where they help you to get your papers. Each time, it was the same story. With out a valid photo ID they could not help to get the birth certificate and social security card. To get an identification card, you must have a birth certificate and SSN card. I guess I snapped a little because after hearing this about ten times, I when and sat in the middle of the street blocking traffic till the cops came. I told them that since I was in the US Army & I owned a pistol at one time, my finger prints where on file so they needed to arrest me and run my prints.

They didn't arrest me because what they would have done was take me to the physo ward but a detective found a way to send for my current ID from MI so, in the end I am now a person again.

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