Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trinity Cafe of Tampa FL comes under attack

This morning I am sadden to see a group of people in suites and uniforms at a place where they go out of there way to serve homeless people a meal seven days a week. They have a host at your table, that serves you a hot bowl of soup or salad. Then the host brings you a hot meal on REAL plates and a dessert. They have three employees and about 25 voluntariness. Ages range from 16 to 90, maybe even 100. They are good people doing what is right.

Today, a person in a suite and tie and two people with some kind of uniform on, where crawling all of the place. I heard the door manager, a guy by the name of Bruce say that these people was from the "code enforcement agency". They and the cops are trying to shut down the cafe.

I am very stressed by this because these good folks volunteer to do this for the homeless people. Someone needs to step up and help protect the Trinity Cafe from this kind of harassment before they get closed down when all they want to do is help the people.

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The trouble with righting before leaving town is that you always seem to get more information after you publish.

I spoke with the chef this morning. He was very upset about the Code Enforcement Agency for being at Trinity yesterday.  This not a church run chow hall. The group apparently is self sub-staining and has invested "over a million dollars" in this property. It seems the area neighborhood does not want to see how bad the homeless problem is so, the fire marshal, police, and any other city authority has gotten calls and of course gone to the place to investigate them. The chef even said that "we are not going away".

I personally hope the people that are making these calls, never have a need of the services provided by groups like this. The chef prepares "250 meals a day" and the door gaurd gives out 200 tickets every day with an "overflow line". Although, they do have a trouble maker once in awhile, they keep it very orderly and show a great deal of respect and have a lot more patients with the clients then most places I've seen.

These folks take time out of there busy lives to help people including the "five star chef" and they are treated just like a homeless person, garbage. So, I ask, what can be done to help them and by helping Trinity, help the homeless? I don't know but for them to have the hatred they deal with is so wrong that I can not put it into words. They use real plates and glasses. I've been told that, the hood has complained about paper plates and such around the area. I have seen on a number of times, people (homeless volunteers) going around the property picking up and sweeping the area and yet the complaints continue.

Trinity's mission statement on the Face Book page says:

 The mission of Trinity Cafe is to restore a sense of dignity to the homeless and hungry by serving a nutritious meal. We faithfully treat all of God's children with acceptance, compassion, love and respect

A quote from the web site:
Chef Alfred ensures a touch of class is served with each meal. That’s why meals are delivered in courses on china to tables set with cloths and flowers. Garnishes adorn plates. If a drop of sauce is on the rim, it is wiped off before a guest is served. It’s no different than when he managed five-star restaurants for more than 40 years in Europe and America. It must be perfect or it doesn’t leave his kitchen. Guests receive a restaurant quality meal; hot soup or chilled salad, followed by a protein-rich entrĂ©e, two tasty side dishes, dessert, fruit juice and crusty bread with butter. Guests receive a full restaurant experience only without a bill at the end of the meal.

Does this sound like people are out to harm others or do anything except to help others? They have a Face Book Page and here is a video of the chef hard at work. They have a Twitter account to. The question remains, What can be done to help with this problem?

Note: The above images are the property of a very high quality cafe.