Sunday, March 16, 2014

What is wrong with this?

We have all seen the pictures of home bounders (the ones that think they are better then a homeless person) purposely looking away from someone sleeping in a door way or a park but lets look at another way people (myself at least) are treated.

I have told some of my story behind the journey to a few people I've met along the road. At the highest point in my 40 plus years, I owned a computer repair shop. The one thing that I felt comfortable with doing as a career for the rest of my life, lasted 12 years. I did not loose it due to some miss management of fiances or legal problems but rather because a cop some how came to the conclusion that I was trying to steal money from my bank. At some point down the road, I will tell the whole story but that is not what the OJ blog is about.

The last few weeks has been interesting in this account of peoples attitudes.  There is a place that is really named Soup Kitchen in Clearwater FL or at least that is what the sign over the door seems to indicate. I was visiting with a VA rep one day in an office with the guy that runs the kitchen and talking about what I one did for a living. I VA rep seemed to believe me but the guy that runs the kitchen gave me a look of... Well, lets put it this way, the guy was calling me a lair without saying it. Mind you this person is supposed to be helping homeless people where the VA rep was there to help vets.

 Another time that I got this feeling of disgust was just yesterday. My computer needs work and I was told about a place that helps fix them for "free". With complete faith that they would help, I set out spending my last $4 for a city bus. When I finely found the place, I was informed that sure, they would fix it but I had to join this little club for $50. I fought the erg to tell this person that if I had $50, I could buy the tools I needed and just walked out in absolute disgust. That place is the Tampa Bay Computer Society. (Free Computer Repair) I am not saying that everyone should work for free but even after telling these people, I would work for them to pay for it, they just kept saying fifty dollars. There was not talking to them and they simply would not believe that a homeless person might know something.

Don't get me wrong, not all people in Clearwater are like this. I had a run in with a cop and was able to get some bad video and slightly better audio of our conversation, I just wish I would have gotten the officers name and badge.

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