Monday, December 22, 2014

Who controls YOUR info

A video that talks about privacy points out some good ideas. Far to many people seem to think "I don't do anything wrong so, why should I care what they see."

Your name is important to you, isn't it? How about the social security card and birth certificate? What about your identification such as an ID card or drivers license issued by the state you live it? Many places that homeless people need to go to to get help are put into some database someplace in the world and sometimes this gets the grant money to "help them". Selling peoples data in this way, just isn't right. The four viruses listed below are bad and continues to infest computers used to enter data in some corporate controlled database someplace in the world.

Win.Trojan.Agent-796816: a generic detection for a number of Trojans that may perform different malicious functions. The behaviors exhibited by this family are highly variable.

Win.Worm.Chir-854: This email worm spreads as an attachment to an email. It can also spread via an infected network or removable drive, such as a USB flash drive. When you open the attachment or file, the worm will run. The worm can also exploit a vulnerability discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-020. This can allow the attachment to automatically open when the email is read or previewed on a vulnerable PC.

Win.Adware.Netfilter-130: plug into the web browser and display context-based advertisements by overwriting existing ads or by inserting new ones on various web pages. It is part of the Yontoo web-extension that injects advertisements in the browser.

Win.Trojan.Zbot-20102: This Trojan has primarily been designed to steal confidential information from the computers it compromises. It specifically targets system information, online credentials, and banking details, but can be customized through the toolkit to gather any sort of information. This is done by tailoring configuration files that are compiled into the Trojan installer by the attacker. These can later be updated to target other information, if the attacker so wishes.

So, lets fight the bugs with a M$ program or one designed to run in M$. Isn't that like saying "Cops/Government can police them selves" like the "Parent Control" in Internet Explorer? Lets put a picture of a homeless person with the name into some chat program. The corporate promoted war against homeless people is the first step to all out war. Corporations control the data and the government. GRACE Marketplace in Gainesville FL, for example, has a Board of Oversight Comity and one of its members is a multimillionaire. Of course the two city commissioners members and the county commissioners members bend over backwards for this multimillionaire to the point of anyone watching should be able to see it. A homeless person attempted to get on this board and also attempted to get someone more knowledgeable of the homeless population. The 2 city commissioners and 2 county commissioners could not have made it more clear what they thought of that idea if they had the people arrested.

After three years and 13 cities, I see it everywhere. Put homeless peoples data into some database someplace and say, here you go government or hackers, have fun. Its free to further destroy homeless peoples lives. Its not that hard of a concept, I always thought. If you put data into a place that the world can access through hacking or "search warrants" or any other means, that data can be used against a person.

The local governments are making it more illegal to be homeless every day like the latest one in Columbia, SC or let the homeless starve to death.

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