Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Columbia SC

Why is it that people serving meals to homeless seem to believe they must preach and convert everyone to the faith they follow?

That is what the church called Cafe Ministries thinks. Although I was to far away to video this, I heard them say something along the lines of "If you can not respect the church or the preacher, we will take your meal ticket away." Another group on Wednesdays, insists on preaching at you for about half an hour before serving a meal. One thing all of them have in common is Columbia is that unless its a Christian holiday, they all FEED outside like homeless people are just mere animals when some cities I've been to, they SERVE indoors.
The Hotdog Man
I fail to see why it is that homeless people MUST be forced to hear the book they talk of in order to get a meal. Doesn't that book say something about feeding the sheep before preaching to them? If I wanted to get preached at, I'd go to a church. If I wanted to get treated like an animal, I'd go to a zoo and fight in just nice with them. Serving a person, lifts them up but feeding them, keeps them down.
The hot dog guy of Gainesville FL or The hot dog man of Columbia SC. A short and to the point like the video below from Columbia.
Food Not Bombs
In fact, the place I'm making this blog, I had a guy approach me with $5 saying that I could get something other then coffee for breakfast. Then he started preaching, I handed the money back and said no thank you.

My other question is, why are these folks (although they often have GREAT meals) are they so willing to give food and other supplies, are they not willing to help get off the streets? +Bryant King came up with a great idea called #HomelessEcoVille and yet, the same people that will only give hand outs, won't give a hand up.