Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Austin TX

What can I do to help? What do I get out of helping people in need?

A parking lot next to the Salvation Army and the ARCH, the cities homeless shelters is a "meeting place for cops". And it looks like its used to intimidate people that must sleep on the sidewalks around the place because they just don't have the space.

Why is this continuing? Simple: if someone isn't making money, they must come up with a way to get more from people who have none. They fine homeless people for panhandling and trespassing and since they have no money, send the homeless people to jail where the jails make money from slave labor, guards make money from babysitting them and clothes manufacturing makes money for the jumpsuit and food industry makes money feeding (yes, I said feeding people, after all, that IS all we are to them).

A place called Community First Village is ran by a non-profit called Mobile Loaves & Fishes (this group is often seen in mobile food trucks but no one knows when or where they will show up, Austin is the most disorganized city I have ever seen) charges $225 per month to live in a tent. The village is a giant advertisement for construction companies that "donated" supplies and time to build some of the "tiny houses". More pictures can be found on #HomelessEcoVille's site.

I often hear people say things like "if you starve to death in ____ city, its your own fault". With portions like this at Caritas of Austin, I can't see how they can think that. Fortunately, the Trinity Center does a little "breakfast" after "announcements and devotion", of course because homeless people are not allowed to be normal and have coffee till they hear "the word" and the ones "helping" have already had their coffee and breakfast. It really does get to be a drag, not being Christian some days and are forced to sit through other people's believes.

Even #Homeless don't like Trump
Austin, apparently supersedes the state as well as the US Constitution because, Austin says you can not be within 15 feet of a public building and smoke but the state of Texas says you can't be within 20 feet of the door. While writing this blog, a guy had to park is bike where it can be seen from inside the "public library", because he couldn't lock it to a bike rack several feet away and could not see it. He was threatened with arrest if he did not move it. Because the guy cannot afford a lock for his bike, he cannot partake if a public library service.

I had the opportunity to work day labor for 21 days.One of these jobs I went on was a furniture moving job. All the brand new furniture came in boxes that had "made in ___" on them and not one was "made in USA". The guy that hired us, was getting upset with the "bad" job we where doing. It took all my will power not to tell him "buy American" and walk off the job because at one point in my life, I worked in a furniture manufacturing plant that no longer exists. Day labor serves: After 21 days, I had earned $1235 and take home of $984. How when your spending $500 or more a month on rent, does one live? Oh, and by the way do not get sick.

In conclusion, we must mention the worst place of all. A place called Angle House. If the board of health where to stop by ANY place that is this filthy, how fast would it be closed? How old must someone be to be treated like an adult? Go to this place, find insects in your soup and not considering it healthy, not want to eat it. Then, you are suddenly talked to as if a child. "If your not going to eat something, don't take it".

Ask yourself every day: Why am I doing this?

Friday, April 8, 2016


Can a person live without depending on a community? Must a group of people depend on others? Why must I depend on a group of people making money on my being in their program?

I wish someone would answer these questions because I don't understand why no one seems to think a person can live with out a group of people setting rules for them. No one seems to get the idea that a community can be self supporting and self sustaining with out others often times making money off them.
#HomelessEcoVille can be 100% independent and never need outside sources.  Is it possible for a group of people growing and raising food, reclaiming things that most simply put into land fills? If someone where to put an acre of land in the name of #HomelessEcoVille, I would be there so fast. Life CAN be simple again. DO NOT tell me I need someone to manage my money, make sure I eat all the right foods or go to bed at a set time. Stop treating me like I know nothing and need a parent to supervise me. Most homeless people ARE adults. Stop making money from your oil companies by forcing me to use a Styrofoam cup. Stop acting like your better then me because YOU have red blood just like me and walk on two legs just like me. I am not better then you because of the color of my skin or yours. The day the WHOLE world starts working together, is the day we will stop living in the Dark Ages. I can grow my own food, I can build my own house. I don't need you standing over me and telling me how to wipe my ass. I don't need you telling me that the Styrofoam coffee cup is a must. I can use a re-usable one that doesn't destroy the planet and make you money.

If my writings piss you off, tough shit, your part of the problem.

Donations to get off the streets.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Homeless services? Why does a person seek out help? For religion? For food? For shelter?

For any living thing to survive, the first thing is food, second is
shelter. Where does religion come in? Don't misunderstand me. We humans tend to need to believe in a higher power. The problem is when some are under the impression that this "higher power" must come before anything. If that means, an emergence problem must be addressed, some simply don't care.

Why is it so important that a group of people serving a meal must hold that meal and force you to listen to someone elses beliefs? Who is to say that Christianity is the correct way? What about Buddhism? How about Druidism? None if this matters when you have no food.

The other day, I was at a "Day Center" that proclaims to be there to help homeless people. The first thing that they do every day is, read from the bible. Nothing else is permitted before that. When a person said that he had to make an emergency phone call, he was told no. Naturally he was already upset and this didn't help. The day center band him because his personal emergency was not as important as the preaching that we must endure even if its not our personal beliefs.

The US Constitution's First Amendment says: "free exercise of religion" but most of the time, this is not true if your homeless. Another example of not having freedom of religion is Salvation Army. ALWAYS, they must "pray" for you and must pray over your food. Now, someone wants to force this on you as well:Teach Little Girls To Be Christian, Submissive, And Pure For Future.

Not all people, homeless or not, are christian or some deviation of that faith so, STOP FORCING YOUR WILL ON OTHERS. I chose my way and that is a very personal choice. If I am interested in your ways, I will ask, trust me on this. When one group wants to kill you for that, what does that say about that group?

Until we come together as ONE people, ONE planet, we will NOT move into the 21st century.