Friday, April 8, 2016


Can a person live without depending on a community? Must a group of people depend on others? Why must I depend on a group of people making money on my being in their program?

I wish someone would answer these questions because I don't understand why no one seems to think a person can live with out a group of people setting rules for them. No one seems to get the idea that a community can be self supporting and self sustaining with out others often times making money off them.
#HomelessEcoVille can be 100% independent and never need outside sources.  Is it possible for a group of people growing and raising food, reclaiming things that most simply put into land fills? If someone where to put an acre of land in the name of #HomelessEcoVille, I would be there so fast. Life CAN be simple again. DO NOT tell me I need someone to manage my money, make sure I eat all the right foods or go to bed at a set time. Stop treating me like I know nothing and need a parent to supervise me. Most homeless people ARE adults. Stop making money from your oil companies by forcing me to use a Styrofoam cup. Stop acting like your better then me because YOU have red blood just like me and walk on two legs just like me. I am not better then you because of the color of my skin or yours. The day the WHOLE world starts working together, is the day we will stop living in the Dark Ages. I can grow my own food, I can build my own house. I don't need you standing over me and telling me how to wipe my ass. I don't need you telling me that the Styrofoam coffee cup is a must. I can use a re-usable one that doesn't destroy the planet and make you money.

If my writings piss you off, tough shit, your part of the problem.

Donations to get off the streets.

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