Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Standing Rock

Standing Rock consisted of 3 or more camps. The camps are called Oceti, Rosebud and Sacred Stone and the one that Oceti is moving to called Black Hoop, at this time. OK, now that we know that, what is Standing Rock? A large group of Native American people put their foot down and said no more. No more stealing land, no more stealing resources on that land and no more killing the land. They came to the conclusion, as best I can see, to say “we are not going to fight you but we will stop you from destroying our land by standing in your way and not letting you run an oil line through our land and we will do this by praying about it and for you”.

When they said “no more”, they called for support and got probably one of the largest group of US Military veterans to show up in history. About twice as many as they expected and could support. This did make for a lot of problems but it got the worlds attention. What people are unaware of is that even though this started out as fighting the crude oil pipelines, a lot of oil based products are still being used like nylon, plastic water bottles and Styrofoam. I question peoples motives when I hear them say things like “Oil based products will always be needed” or they would rather start a gasoline generator and not care if they are paying the people they are fighting against for it. Of course then there is the throw away Styrofoam and plastic utensils and cups and lets not forget the propane. The throw away society is just hurting the world and its not going to stop till we stop using the garbage they are selling.

Don't miss-understand as your reading this. I get that somethings must be used as long as others are “illegal” but ALL of them can be replaced if we can get past the concept that its that or nothing. Germany is proving that solar power can replace nuclear power and yet FAR to many people in the USA can’t see past the end of their noises and the lies they have been told all their lives. Its these things that I hated about Occupy and now, making me hate Standing Rock.

Lies? The government lies to you. Your people that your there to help lies to you. Without the truth, what are you supposed to do? I get that secrecy is important but with out the truth, how are you supposed to make intelligent decisions? If the people your there to help tells you that we are going to war when the reality is that its a call to help move, how is someone supposed to know what to do?

Below is a letter to the members of Eagles Nest, the vets camp on Sacred Stone and all that came to Standing Rock:

Dear Eagles Nest,
I am sorry. Sorry, I am unable to show you a better way and sorry that you refuse to learn a better way. Everything I have tried to tell you has been for your
benefit. What did I get out of this experience? Nothing but a lesson that you will never change and will continue to pay the enemy. The enemy in not on the other side of the river. The enemy are the ones you keep paying and mostly yourself.
The enemy are the corporations and you keep supporting them. They are the same people that tell you that you must use gasoline to power your car, coal and nuclear power to run your homes. They are the same ones that set “rules” that you must use plastic or sterilize everything because if you don’t you will get sick and die. The truth is that, they are the ones killing you with fluoride, GMO’s, plastic, oil and many other “products”. Until you change your way of thinking, the war your fighting will continue. Every rubber bullet, or tear gas they shoot at you has been bought by you. Make no mistake, they will kill you if you get in their way. In this case, even if you stop the oil line, they still get millions of dollars in fake money but your president will not stop, even when he orders them to use rocket launchers. If you get in their way, you will learn the hard way, they will not stop but till then, you will keep supporting the same system and you will never make a change to save our mother earth.
The Christin program you follow, does not work like you think it does. It is made to keep you doing the things you do in support of the system. When I hear “mandatory prayer”, I just hear how your a hypocrite and don’t even know it. It saddens me to my soul when anyone puts gasoline in a generator for power and not think twice about it. Rather then “Oh, that is just Oscur” how about asking yourself “How will this effect my grandkids?” the way the native Americans claim to. Yes, even they do these things and that hurts me even more because I thought better of them and seem to be more aware then anyone I have ever met. The one thing I promised myself and the members of the Eagles Nest is that I would get the mess hall off the generator and on “alternative power”, I have done ... for 3 days. Now its up to you to “live within your means”. To be honest, I doubt you will ever until you learn that all you have been taught all of your life is a lie.
Your friend, Oscur Journey

I’m not a fiction writer nor am I a writer in general but lets try to tell a story:
There once was a planet ruled by a group of people called the “upper class”. These people would do anything to make themselves bigger and better and give themselves more power over the rest of the world. These people would make things up to get the rest of the people (the middle class and lower class) the do what they want,to make themselves even more
powerful. They created a device that controls the rest of the people. A leach that is embedded into the mind. This leach feeds off the things that people consume. The parasite’s favorite foods are poison the the body it inhabits. That is OK since this leach is passed on to the next generation. Its to bad that the next generation is weaker and dumber. The elite make things that feeds the leach and destroys the host. They will never infest their own group because they know what its doing to the rest of the world but that doesn’t concern them. They also, know that they are destroying the very same world that they live on. It doesn’t matter to them because they think nothing else matters except the fake power they continue to gain. This goes on and on for decade after decade until the planet finely cleans herself of the infection called humans if she, mother earth, can and hasn't’ been damaged beyond repair, by then. A few have stopped hearing the leach but have yet to completely reject it. It still grows and still keeps the host distracted with the lies of the upper class. Until its completely removed, there is NO HOPE and no future for this planet. The saddest part is that the rest of the people can remove it but after over 5 years, its still very much alive and getting stronger every day. This leach continues to help you come up with excuses as to why it can’t be done.

When the people stop using crude (no this is not a spelling error) oil plastic bottles, coal and nuclear power plants and things that are killing the planet and stop poisoning ourselves with chemicals mother earth did not make, then and only then will we as a species survive and move into the 21st century. Until we get the people setting the rules to stop collecting fake money, we will continue to be in the “new dark ages” and those people will keep telling the leach to lie to us.

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