Sunday, November 19, 2017

The legal way

Yep, a trial by peers? Not one of the jury being homeless, judging you? Yep, your in trouble,

A city counsel deciding what laws they will make? None of them homeless? Yep, fill the jail with them nasty free loading people.

A city full of white people says no to an oil pipe line, no problem, Native Americans say no, bring on the dogs.

Making fun of someones believes by making a joke of a holiday out of Halloween? Sure, oh and lets celebrate the mass murder of 200,000 people by eating turkey ever year.

Go to a group of people begging for food. Yep, we will feed you like the animal you are but first, I have this book written by a group of men that wants to control you that I must force you to believe or you can't eat our "free" food.

Doing something the legal way, using a set of rules made by rich people, ruled over by the same rich people, imprisoned by ... you guessed it, the same rich people, keeping everyone distracted by making up things like, this group or that wants to kill you so lets kill them first when, in reality, taking their home away, makes them "richer".

Keep doing it the "legal" way? Yep, that will work because your animal controllers will work for you....

Referring to a book written by corporations and enforced by a government, controlled by rich people, to build, travel or anything ... Yep, that is the legal way to do something.