Friday, July 20, 2018

Corporate Cops

If only I was quicker with the smart-phone, I could have videoed the TriMet rent-a-cop, after all a homeless person has no credibility and corporate dogs/cops and police have all the power.

During my trial, my public defender asked a very interesting question of the TriMet inspector. To the best of my memory, she asked if the city has approved the "rule book" they use for fines. His response was something like, he didn't know. She also said that she could not find any city authority, authorizing the rule book. My question is, since when is a corporation allowed to fine people without even the city approving the fines but the city enforces them? Yes, the "citation" was signed by the fare inspector, not the real authorities that are sworn into the job. All businesses have ONE goal. To make money and the inspector stated in the trail that he writes 10-20 citations per day. How is this not a violation of the cities citizen rights?
Apparently, they have changed the policy on July 1, 2018 but still no mention of if the city has approved this (that I have been able to find) and of course they also claim that "systemic racial bias" when this inspector was clearly targeting me, a person that "looks" homeless. "TriMet issues approximately 20,000 fare citations per year." based on a book not approved by any government agent and not even given the opportunity to repurchases a lost pass, after all, why would they allow that when they can make more money from fines?
A news story found in #StreetRoots indicates that the parent company of TriMet is First Transit and is not even based in the USA but Scotland and ignores complaints from drivers and passengers.
The quote from #StreetRoots: "First Transit is a Scotland-based company contracted by TriMet, and has been receiving complaints from riders and drivers alike for a little more than a decade, when they acquired Laidlaw International, Inc., the company who formerly operated the Portland Metro area’s paratransit service."
Another web site called Glass Door shows a rating of 2.8 of a possible 5 stars and has 3.4 of 5. 
Offical Police Report: (retyped word for word with out my name for my safety)
Author: HELFRICH, WEST A (29194)
Date/Time: 3/21/2018 0830
DEP. BEARSON (MCSO), 52432, COVER/SAW ______'S I.D.
Radio call to the Old Town Max station to assist Trimet Fare inspector CORYELL identify a Max rider who refused to show identification. I spoke to CORYELL while enroute and CORYELL told me that ______ gave CORYELL the name "Bob Matthew Johnston" with a birth date of 2/9/67. ______ claimed to have had identification in South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. CORYELL noted that when ______ was asked for his middle name, ______ at first said "Smith."
I ran a check in the listed states and could not located ______ under the Johnston name.
When we arrived at the location, I explained to ______ that 'for the purpose of a citation, I as a police officer needed his true name and date of birth, lying about either could result in arrest for False Information to the Police'. I then asked if he understood and he said "yes." I told ______ that I ran a check on the name he give the far inspector while we driving here and could not locate it in those states.
I asked ______ for his true name and date of birth. ______ told me "Robert Matthew Smith." ______ realized he said Smith instead and quickly corrected the name to Johnston. I asked ______ why he would say Smith and told me that is the name he uses at homeless shelters. I asked ______ if he told me that was the information on his birth certificate and he answered that it was. We ran a check on the Smith name and still came up with nothing.
HOYER went to get an IBIS digital finger print machine. After taking ______'s prints, HOYER went to enter data for the prints to the computer. I decided to wait for HOYER to see if he a return on the prints. ______ started emptying out his pockets. ______ asked me if he needed to get a lawyer. I told him if he committed a crime that he does.
BEARSON noticed ______ had several cards (size of credit cards or ID) in ______'S inside coat pocket when ______ pulled them out. BEARSON asked ______ if any of them had his name on them. ______ fumbled around in other pockets, before pulling out the stack of cards from his inside pocket. I saw one of the cards was an identification. I grabbed the Virgina ID card and saw that it had ______'s true name on it. We placed ______ under arrest.
Inventory and search located about $67 cash to report. I noted ______ had a Virginia EBT card. I asked ______ why he wouldn't just show his identification and he told me that he didn't want the government to track him. I pointed out that using his EBT card would do that more then getting a citation for not having a fare on the Max. ______ told us he has been here in Oregon for 2 weeks.
I explained Miranda to ______ and he told me "yes" that he understood. I asked ______ who he was worried about finding him and he told me "the US government." I again pointed out that they would know anytime he used his EBT card. ______ then told me that the government is tracking all of us. During me interaction, I believe that ______ beliefs were more of the conspiracy theory/extremist as opposed to those of mental health issues.
We gave ______ a copy of his property receipt for his backpack.

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